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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Greenest of Kids' Lunchboxes

Let's face it, standard lunchboxes are not the greenest...cartoon characters printed on materials often containing PVC, phthalates, and even lead are not great, even if they are re-usable. Even with new product safety regulations, how great are more nonbiodegradable/nonrecyclable products that are made in China? For this reason, we haven't been all that excited about most of the lunch products made for kids, even those we have seen at the green expos. While they're still not entirely perfect, we have found a couple that we think are better than most.

GreenEdge Kids
can of course provide just a lunch bag in a couple of designs...much more economical, but without the cool accessories. Our suggestion is to use it as a gift bag, so other adults or kids are inspired to use more biodegradable, reusable, and sustainable materials for their snacks and lunches.

For those who live in warm climates and who need an insulated lunch bag, we really like the Cool Totes backpacks. They are US-made at the moment, incorporate some recycled materials, PVC-free, lead-free, functional, durable, easy for toddlers and kids to use, and practical. It is large enough for any lunch, and doubles as a wonderfully sized and insulated travel backpack. We wish the manufacturers would use either organic cotton or U.S.-made fabric and keep the manufacturing in the U.S. to boost its sustainability factor even further, but we still really like it.

Another one we've seen recently that is not insulated, and not made in the U.S., but very recyclable and nontoxic is the Kids Konserve lunch bags. They are made of organic cotton, and printed with a cute modern design, and they come with perfectly sized stainless steel food containers, coordinated stainless steel water bottle, napkin, sandwich wrap, and optional thermos. Since the website doesn't show a photo, here is one from Nature Moms Blog:

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Nice lunchbox let support green campaign for our mother earth.